Music video: Done.. Comedy Series: On the way!

2013-07-09 03:27:36 by mmautrey

Besides being sick all the time (especially today... I hate the stomach flu), I feel confident about my future.

Just completed the official Before Now music video for their new song 'Sweet Sober'

Only one more task in the queue, and that is to make a website for a certain company whose name will remain disclosed until the website is up.

Then, and only then, can I actually work on my own projects like '8-bit Thomas' and my album.

I hope to give a lot of you writers, voice actors, musicians, and fellow artists opportunities to collaborate.

Thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently and giving me their time and talent. I will come through soon.
I have not forgotten.

Music video: Done.. Comedy Series: On the way!


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