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To All Fans, New videos!

2014-11-15 16:54:58 by mmautrey

I've been on YouTube instead on NG. I apologize, Newgrounds. You deserve more attention.

So, new videos of mine are posted to 


I'll try to get back on NG. 

From the maker of this thing:

I bring the foundation for a new show.


There isn't a lot to display right now, which I'm working on as we speak.

The goal of this is to take my community of writers, animators, programmers, voice actors and artists with me into a more serious enterprise.
There is a serious lack of awesome shows; cartoons in particular.

As a group of skilled individuals, I find it offensive to sit around and complain without first taking action.

Who's with me?!

I need your help, artists & animators.

Besides being sick all the time (especially today... I hate the stomach flu), I feel confident about my future.

Just completed the official Before Now music video for their new song 'Sweet Sober'

Only one more task in the queue, and that is to make a website for a certain company whose name will remain disclosed until the website is up.

Then, and only then, can I actually work on my own projects like '8-bit Thomas' and my album.

I hope to give a lot of you writers, voice actors, musicians, and fellow artists opportunities to collaborate.

Thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently and giving me their time and talent. I will come through soon.
I have not forgotten.

Music video: Done.. Comedy Series: On the way!

The new projects are going pretty well.

Everyone who's contributed has been a fantastic help.

I'm always looking for new collaborative partners, and it's never too late to help.

Whether you write, voice act, draw, animate, or make music, I welcome all.

Thanks for reading,

Back to the drawing board

2013-04-20 04:35:14 by mmautrey

Well, everything was going swell, but then I ran into a few problems. I rushed 8-Bit Thomas, and now I regret it.

Lesson learned.

Before I submit again, I need

~ Voice actors
~ Better backgrounds
~Fuller stories

So, if anyone's interested, feel free to let me know.

Thank you for your time,

Back to the drawing board

8-bit Thomas

2013-04-18 17:27:25 by mmautrey

I am pleased to say, this project is going better than anticipated.

The first episode is in production and going smoothly.

I'm still assembling that team for future projects, and so far, even that has been going very well.

Things are looking up.

Thank you for your time,

8-bit Thomas

It's time to do what I love.

2013-04-16 20:12:31 by mmautrey

I don't have a very strong presence on this website at the moment, not that I did before, but now less than ever.

My priorities for the past few years have been school and social life, along with some hobby music writing and artwork.

Now that I have more opportunity than before, I would like to achieve some goals I have started setting recently, even if new doors come in my direction.

My goal as of this moment is to consistently be outputting something to the communities I belong to (in this case, NG.)

The latest project is intended to be expanded upon after its release to allow room for sequels, series, games and art.

I welcome skilled collaborators who would be interested in writing, designing, programming, or writing music in a group.

Yeah... It's been a while

2011-10-03 07:28:32 by mmautrey

So I'm older now. I started this NewGrounds thing when I was in middle school. I just don't have as much time for flash as I used to. I'm much better at flash now. I watch my old stuff and think, "Wow... I sucked at flash, but I was pretty damn funny." I'm mostly into music now, I play several instruments. Most of my flash work is educational, although I try to make it bearable since I have that control. Just because it's a school assignment doesn't mean it has to be boring. So I'll keep doing my thing. I'll get back to NewGrounds some day hopefully. I miss the good ol' days. So thanks everyone, fans, critics, enemies, neighbors, NG family, pets, and anyone else.

Yeah... It's been a while

Depending on if there is or isn't something to stop or distract me from flash, I might do this little idea that I have (it's not very original) of having a series of battle between random characters. The idea of a tournament is not original at all, but what makes it mine is that i'm going to attempt to add some humor in there. Here's a script sneak-peek (subject to change at any time.)

Announcer: Here in the first round, we have 'Two dudes named Ryan' and 'That weird-looking robot'!
'Ryan(1) and Ryan(2) walk into the ring looking around with a dumbfounded expression'
Ryan(1)(2) together: Woooaaaahh..
'From the sky, the weird-looking robot slams to the ground.'
Ryan(1):Duuuudddee! A soda machine!
Ryan(2):Awesome man! What brand?
Ryan(1):Doesn't say, but I'm parched. I don't care as long as it isn't root beer.
Ryan(2):Are you kidding? Root beer is awesome!
Ryan(1):But last time I drank some at Maurice's place, I got drunk.
Ryan(2):You can't get drunk off of root beer!
Ryan(1):It's beer; of course you can get drunk off of it!
Ryan(2):It's soda dude. I don't know what you've been smoking.
Ryan(1):Whatever man. I just want a soda.
'Ryan(1) walks over to the robot and shoves a quarter inside of it's mouth. Nothing happens.'
Ryan(1):Aww! Dude! It took my money and there's no soda!
Ryan(2):Serious? Let's see.
'Both Ryan's grab the robot, and forcibly shake it back and forth until it tips.'
'The Robot then violently vibrates while its eyes glow red; after a few seconds, it stops, and then explodes.'
Announcer: And the winner is... 'Two dudes named Ryan'!

END of part 1

I got bored so I'm starting a new movie series! maybe...

My latest project. MQS

2010-03-07 06:15:11 by mmautrey

So, I'm planning on animating this video called Metal Queer Solid, and if you can't tell, it is a parody of Metal Gear Solid. Its a 4-5 month project (only because thats how long it'll take for me to get my tablet fixed and get some volunteer voice actors) and will be about 5-10 minutes if i'm lucky. Stuff may be added or taken away. But the official script is on my website, , and my sheezyart(mmautrey).

Interested in being one of the few voice actors? Go to the website , find the script on the 'writings' page, and read it. Then send a sample of the character(s) you want to try out for! Its simple. And don't change the script when you try out.

Any other projects/movies will be announced in my posts. To be updated all the time with me, follow me on Twitter! I am mmautrey always!


My latest project. MQS